Rates – per night (Effective January 3, 2022)
(Guests in same unit-same household)
$30 – One Guest
$50 – Two Guests
$60 – Three Guests
Checkout After 1:00 PM: Additional Rate Applies
$15—One Guest
$25—Two Guests
$30—Three Guests
Stays over 11 days-10% discount for the full stay’s accommodations.


  • Administering injections—$5 per day per dog
  • Intact dogs—$5 per day per dog         
  • Separate feeding for dogs in same unit—$5 per day

All Check-in and Check-out times are by appointment only for a specific time and can be changed up to an hour prior without charge. If you check-in or check-out is more than 15 minutes after your appointment time, we may not be available ($10 surcharge applies).

Alternate times are subject to availability. (Fee applies)

Holidays (two night minimum)
We are available to accommodate guests every day of the year, though check-in and check-out is limited on these days to these check-in & check-out windows

New Year’s Eve – Morning & Midday only
New Year’s Day** – Afternoon only
Memorial Day** – All windows available
Independence Day** – Morning & Afternoon only
Labor Day** – All windows available
Thanksgiving Day** – Afternoon only
Christmas Eve – Morning & Midday only
Christmas Day** – None
** Two night minimum
No adjustment to regular Saturday or Sunday windows adjacent to these days.

Cancellation Policy
Seven day notice is required for all cancellations. Reservations cancelled without proper notice subject to charge.