Windmill Lane Boarding Kennel is located between Montezuma and Deep River Iowa.

1875 480th Avenue
Montezuma, Iowa 50171

We look forward to caring for our guests (your pets).

Where it is all about the dogs.

Windmill Lane Boarding Kennel offers a boarding facility dedicated to keeping your devoted companion happy, healthy and safe while they visit. And the key to the “happy” is providing an extra level of individual attention to everyWindmill_Lane_Boarding_Kennel_Riley dog … like a surrogate mother, substituting for the TLC they are accustomed to at home. It’s amazing how quickly most dogs adjust if someone makes them feel secure, and many come back with tails wagging, anxious to see their friends again.

We understand how special your dog is to you and your family. A dog is not “just a dog”, they are the family member who always welcomes us with unconditional love, senses and cares about our every feeling and gives us a reason to smile … even when life in general doesn’t. Not to say there aren’t moments that try our patience, but the rewards of having such a devoted companion are so much greater than the effort. Much like raising a child, although our dogs never push us to borrow the car and stay out late, do they?

Always in the back of my mind is to put forth the extra effort to treat each and every dog as I would want my own treated (and my own are pretty spoiled!!!). And all the staff at Windmill Lane endorse this policy and are natural “dog people” as well as very efficient, dedicated employees. It is heartwarming to see how many dogs are so happy to come back and visit again!

  • New, immaculate facility
  • A real “homey” atmosphere with 24-hour music
  • Large individual runs
  • Bright, airy with good ventilation
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise areas for play time 4 times a day
  • Daily doggy treats

We use the best disinfectant on the market.

And we provide LOTS of petting, happy talk and fun!

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions and Policies pages.