Our kennel design allows for regular daily clean-up procedures to present a neat and clean look (and smell). Please Contact Us to schedule a time to visit. Our kennel is designed for flexibility to minimize the stress to our guests. We offer kennels with indoor/outdoor runs; totally enclosed facilities for delicate dogs; and some house dogs inside, but utilize outside (and inside) exercise areas. Each of these designs has its own advantages, ask us to explain the advantages of the system in use at that kennel.

Security: When you are on a trip, your pet may decide to try to “find” you. Because of this tendency, and because very few homes are designed with pet security in mind, pets can escape from inexperienced individuals who might be asked to watch your pet. Boarding kennels, on the other hand, are designed to prevent this kind of accident. Our kennel is designed for sturdy, well-maintained fencing, gates and dividers between runs. If your dog is a climber, digger or some other type of “escape artist” tell us so that extra precautions can be taken (wire covered runs, locks on gates, etc.).

Safety: Our kennels design includes being free of sharp objects and harmful chemicals. Primary enclosures (sleeping quarters) provide solid dividers between your pet and the other boarders, both for reasons of safety and so that your pet will be able to relax and sleep without feeling challenged by their neighbors. This design includes barriers between runs high enough to prevent male dogs from urinating into adjacent runs. Surface design offers good traction even when wet. Firefighting equipment is readily available.

Supervision: Proper supervision is the key to good boarding. Pets care calls for frequent checks during the day by trained staff recognize the signs of illness and distress. Knowledge is required to detect or interpret such symptoms as lethargy (“I thought he was just sleeping”), severe intestinal disorders (friends or acquaintances rarely check the backyard for bloody stool), urinary problems (it is almost impossible to detect blood in urine when pets urinate on grass), loss ofappetite, coughing, sneezing, or discharges from the eyes or nose. Yet, all of these signs can be significant. Our competent kennelpersonnel are trained to recognize and evaluate such signs and to seek veterinary assistance when needed.

Sanitation: Our kennel is designed to be free of dirt, fecal accumulation, odors and parasite infestation (flies, fleas, ticks) with a strict schedule of disinfecting with effective cleaners. The floor sealer reduce skin and paw irritations by stabilizing the caustic nature of new concrete, stop dog discomfort and health problems from lying on damp, moist concrete, reduce the dangers of cross-contamination, protect your dogs’ healthy eliminating the breeding ground ‘inside’ concrete where harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria grow.